At Lynmoore, we get it.

When it comes to bringing in new talent,
its all about finding the right FIT

We take the time to understand your
business and your environment

Through our rigorous search and qualifying process,
we find the person that will make your group more than the sum of its parts.
We practice strategic direct recruitment techniques
and work our established network to uncover the hidden gems.
Our services include in-depth, “face to face” interviews to help us define our candidates with more than what can be shown on paper or on the phone.
We seek to uncover those soft skills and background information that can mean so much when trying to achieve the right “FIT” within your team.
We provide our clients with detailed assessment notes, reference verifications and, upon special request, full criminal and credit checks.

Our diverse expertise and experience enables us to scout talent for a spectrum of positions, up to vice-president level.

We specialize in working with OEMs, Dealer Groups, Dealers, Automotive Finance (Captive, Non-Captive), Insurance, Retail, Logistics, Transportations, etc.
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